Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Sofia City (2017-2019)

Infraproject Consult, as a partner in the Inframobil Plan, prepared the draft Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility of Sofia Municipality, which is a strategic document with a horizon until 2035 and sets the main guidelines for sustainable development of mobility in Sofia Municipality. The plan covers the following areas:

  • urban public transport and intermodality;
  • street network and car traffic;
  • paid parking and buffer parking lots;
  • pedestrian network;
  • bicycle network;
  • intelligent transport systems;
  • electric vehicles;
  • city logistics.

The Plan contains an analysis of the current situation in terms of mobility, the key issues for each area are set out, and a vision and concept for sustainable urban mobility are proposed. The total budget of the evaluated projects and initiatives until 2035 amounts to 3,8 BGN 8 billion. Financial and economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis) has been prepared for the Plan. Within the framework of the Plan, additional studies have been prepared, among which:

  • Action Plan 2019 – 2020;
  • Parking Management Program;
  • Three Feasibility Analyses with subject:
    • Launching of new lines with feeding function in the residential districts Ovcha Kupel and Lyulin and delivery of rolling stock;
    • Rail transport for suburban and intercity transport;
    • Construction of a new tram route on T. Kableshkov Blvd. and construction /expansion of the necessary street network.