Sofia Metro Extension Projects financed under OP “Transport” during the programming periods 2007–2013 and 2014–2020

The company has prepared cost-benefit analyses and the respective application forms for EU grant for several stages of the Sofia Metro System Extension:

  • Third Metro line, section “Todorini kukli” Str – “Stanislav Dospevski” Str;
  • Third Metro line, section “Botevgradsko Shose” Depot – “Vladimir Vazov” Blvd – City Center – Ovcha Kupel;
  • Central section of Line 2 – Road Junction Nadezhda – Central Railway Station – “Sveta Nedelya” Sq. – “Cherni vrah” Blvd;
  • Extension of Line 1, section Mladost – “Tsarigradsko shoes” Blvd – Druzhba – Sofia Airport and a section from Line 2: Obelya – Nadezhda – Road Junction Nadezhda;
  • Extension of Line 1, Section “Tsarigradsko shoes” Blvd – Sofia Airport with the inclusion of the Section Mladost 1 – Business Park, Mladost 4.

Among the latest projects funded during the programming period 2014-2020, for which Infraproject Consult has prepared a cost-benefit analysis and application form, is the project for design, delivery, installation and commissioning of automatic platform partition doors with vertical opening for metro stations of I and II metro diameter.

The implemented activities within the projects for extension of the Sofia metro include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis, including:
    • Financial analysis;
    • Economic analysis;
    • Risk analysis and sensitivity analysis.
  • Preparation of EU grant application forms;
  • Comparative analysis of different options for construction a third metro diameter;
  • Analysis of the budget of Sofia Municipality, in connection with the additional costs for the municipality as a result of the implementation of the metro extension projects;
  • Analyzes regarding the financial phasing of projects within two programming periods;
  • Analysis of the implemented projects in connection with the completion of the operational programs co-financed by the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds.