Feasibility Study on Integrated Urban Transport of Sofia, Stage II (December 2014 – till present)

The project aims at reducing the level of pollutants, improving passenger comfort, further development of the existing ITS system and purchasing modern energy-efficient vehicles, achieving parameters and criteria laid down in Directive 2009/33/EC. It includes:

  • detailed feasibility study, i.e development of several project components for achieving the above-mentioned goals, among which (1) Construction of new sections of tram routs and rehabilitation of existing tram infrastructure; (2) Construction of new or extension and rehabilitation of existing trolleybus infrastructure; (3) Further development of the existing ITS; (4) Delivery of new rolling stock and (5) construction of new bicycle lanes;
  • multicriteria analysis of the proposed measures;
  • demand analysis, inc. traffic modelling;
  • cost-benefit analysis on the proposed project;
  • Preliminary environmental assessment.