Elaboration of project proposals and Cost-Benefit Analysis for the application of Sofia Municipality for the purchase of rolling stock under the Operational Programme Environment 2014 – 2020 (2019)

The three projects of Sofia Municipality for the purchase of rolling stock have been implemented in partnership with Stolichen Autotransport EAD and Stolichen Elektrotransport EAD and include:

  • delivery of 82 electric buses;
  • delivery of 30 articulated trolleybuses;
  • delivery of 25 low-floor articulated trams;
  • delivery of specialized equipment and charging stations for the rolling stock;
  • reconstruction of 3 rectifier stations.

The total investment value of the projects is BGN 218 million.

The following tasks have been performed within the framework of the contract for elaboration of the three project proposals:

  • identification and description of the main activities, subject of the project proposals;
  • budget preparation;
  • preparation of an indicative procurement schedule;
  • definition of indicators for project implementation.

A separate CBA has been prepared for each project, including:

  • calculation of investment costs;
  • forecast of operating expenses and revenues;
  • determination of the financial sustainability of the investment;
  • verification of the absence of overcompensation under the rules of Regulation (EC) 1370/2007;
  • calculation of the financial indicators of the project;
  • determination of the financial deficit and the sources of financing;
  • sensitivity and risk analysis.