Preparation of Integrated Urban Development Plans of Sofia and Popovo financed under OP “Regional development” (2012-2013, 2014)

Infraproject Consult Ltd in association with the National Centre for Regional Development Plc and Urbitat Ltd has participated in the preparation of an Integrated Urban Development Plan (IUDP) of Sofia city that included:

  • Preparation of Target and problem analysis of the city in socio-economic and environmental terms and in terms of availability of effective urban development layouts and plans of the area
  • Preparation of a Vision for the development of Sofia up to 2020, strategy and objectives of the IUDP
  • Defining Zones of Impact – zones with predominant social functions, zones with potential for economic development, zones of high public importance
  • Identification of stakeholders, target groups, potential investors and partners which will be involved in the public consultations during the implementation of IUDP
  • Identifying project ideas, projects and opportunities for public-private partnerships within the designated zones, incl. time plan, budget and programme for implementation as well as developing indicators for monitoring and evaluation of IUDP
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference for the development of Detailed Spatial Development Plan (DSDP) or a draft for amending (updating) the existing DSDP for the impact zones within the IUDP and preparation of Terms of Reference for the preparation of a Feasibility Studies for projects included in the IUDP.

For IUDP of Popovo Infraproject Consult EOOD performed the following services:

  • preparation of budget and analysis of sources of financing
  • preparation of a schedule and a programme for implementation (business plan) of IUDP.