Preparation of a Regulatory Impact Assessment of legal acts in the field of economy, environment and tourism (2018-2020)

Infraproject Consult Ltd provided financial experts to the Andrey Delchev & Partners Law Firm in connection with the preparation of comprehensive Ex-Ante Regulatory Impact Assessment (EARIA) and Ex-Post Regulatory Impact Assessment (EPRIA) of legal acts, as a part of Project Capacity building for RIA in the state administration”, funded by the OP Good Governance, as follows:

  • EARIA of proposals for amendment and supplement of the Environment Protection Act according to the Law for amendment and supplement of the Administrative Code;
  • EPRIA of the Tourism Act;
  • EPRIA of the Service Activities Act.

The consulting services for the preparation of EARIA of the Environmental Protection Act cover participation in:

  • Defining the economic, social and environmental impacts by option;
  • Quantitative assessment of the most significant impacts and their specific aspects;
  • Assessment of the administrative burden;
  • Impact assessment on small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Description of the costs and benefits to stakeholders;
  • Comparison of options;
  • Preparation of a presentation and participation in the training of the affected administrative structures.

The consulting services for the preparation of EPRIA of the Tourism Act and Service Activities Act cover:

  • Preparation of Questionnaires and collection of information;
  • Analysis of gathered information and data;
  • Quantitative assessment of the main criteria – degree of achievement of the objectives, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability;
  • Assessment of the impact of the adoption or the amendment of the legal acts and formulation of conclusions.