Elaboration of concession analyses of a swimming complex in the Youth Park – Ruse (2011, 2013)

On the assignment of the municipality of Rousse, the company developed Justifications for the concessions, incl. Legal, Financial-economic, Ecological and Technical Analyses, and drafts of the documents under the Concessions Act for granting a concession for construction of swimming complex in the Youth Park – Ruse.

The concession included partial construction (reconstruction and expansion) of the concession site, consisting of:

  • Reconstruction of the building structure of the existing four pools and their plumbing installation
  • Major renovation of the service and commercial buildings in the swimming complex
  • Construction of solar (beach) area, pedestrian alleys, park lighting, landscaping, construction of new sports and playgrounds.

In 2013 the company prepared updated concession analyses (Legal, Financial-economic, Ecological and Technical analysis) for Swimming complex for professional and mass sport and recreation in the Youth Park – Ruse.