Supplement to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Yadenitsa Project – Construction of Yadenitsa Dam for the needs of the country’s electricity system (2016)

Preparation of a Report for assessment of the compatibility of the investment proposal for construction of Yadenitsa Dam with the subject and objectives of protection of Yadenitsa Protected Area, part of the updated EIAR. Preparation and participation in the necessary procedures under the EPA and BDA until receiving a positive decision on EIA from the competent authority.

The main activities under the project include:

  • Preparation of a request to the competent authority for allowing only the EIA procedure under Article 91, paragraph 2 of the EPA;
  • Development of Terms of Reference for the scope and content of an EIA report;
  • Completion of an EIA report from 1996 and preparation of EIAR on protected area BG0001386 “Yadenitsa”. Assessment of the quality of the reports by the competent authority;
  • Assisting the Client in preparing and conducting public discussions within the EIA and environment procedure;
  • Presentation of the EIA and environment reports at a meeting of the Supreme Expert Environmental Council at the MoEW.

Client: NEC AD