Preparation of a Development Plan for the municipal enterprise Sofia Waste Treatment Plant and subsequent update of the development plan (2014-2015)

In connection with the establishment of ME SWTP in 2013 and the gradual commissioning of the installations part of the enterprise, Infraproject Consult Ltd prepared a Development Plan of the enterprise in 2014 and its subsequent update in 2015.

The services provided by Infraproject Consult EOOD include the implementation of the following activities:

  • Analysis of the existing activity of the enterprise, incl. analysis of the realized operating costs of the enterprise by components and installations;
  • Forecast of the operating costs of the enterprise after the commissioning of all facilities on the territory of ME SWTP;
  • Forecast of the expected revenues of the enterprise by component;
  • Derivation and analysis of the indicators for economic efficiency in terms of cost-revenue indicators of the enterprise in relation to the quantities of waste at the entrance and exit of the installations operated by ME SWTP and those related to the environment and recovery of by-products from waste after treatment in the enterprise;
  • Public procurement plan.

Client: Municipal Enterprise Sofia Waste Treatment Plant