Sofia Metro Extension Project, Second metro line – Section from MS James Boucher to MS Vitosha with a linear point – 1.3 km metro lines and one underground metro station (2013-2016)

In association with Metrokonsult BG the company provided engineering and consulting services in design and construction, including commissioning of a section of the IInd metro diameter of the Sofia metro, namely: The extension from the end of the tunnel after MS James Boucher to MS Vitosha. The total length of the route is 1.3 km, including interstation tunnels, one underground metro station – MS Vitosha and beyond – a “hot reserve” linear section, reverse movement of the metro trains through crossovers and the exits to the adjacent intersections.

Investment value of the Project is 21.9 million euro.

The performed activities under the project include:

  • Coordination and Control on the preparation of detailed designs.
  • Compliance assessment of all parts of the detailed designs in accordance with Article 142 of the Spatial Planning Act (SPA) and approval of the coordinated detailed designs.
  • Management and coordination of the construction process and construction supervision in accordance with article 166 and others of the SPA during construction of the metro section.
  • Control, accountability and acceptance of construction works in accordance with the coordinated detailed designs accompanied by relevant acts and protocols.
  • Coordination of work on commissioning testing and commissioning of metro section.
  • Ensuring the issuance of all documents in compliance with Bulgarian legislation during the design, construction and commissioning and consignment of the site with State Acceptance Commission under the SPA.
  • Monitoring and control on the implementation of the Communication Plan prepared by the Contractor.