Consulting engineer for the project: Sofia Metro Extension Project, Second metro diameter; Section from MS “James Boucher” Blvd /MS II-11 km.10 + 452/ to MS II-12 with a linear point /km.11+752/ (2013-2016)

The company participates as a partner of “Metrokonsult BG” in association “MIK” – Consultant (Construction Supervision) in providing engineering and consulting services in design and construction, including commissioning of section from IInd metro diameter of the Sofia metro: The extension from the end of the tunnel after MS II-11 “James Boucher” /km 10 +452/ to km 11 +752,70 + MS II-12. The total length is 1301 m, including the tunnels between the stations, one underground metro station /MS II-12/ and beyond – a “hot reserve” linear section and reverse movement of the metro trains through crossovers.