Consulting engineer of: Sofia metro extension Project, First metro diameter, Stage III, Lot 2, Section of MS 13 /Mladost I, km 15 +450/ up to MS 16 /Business Park, Mladost IV, km 18 +070/ – 3 underground stations and the sections between them (2013-2015)

The company participates as a partner of “Metrokonsult BG” in association “MIK” – Consultant (Construction Supervision). The scope of work of the consulting engineer services:

  • Coordination and Control on the preparation of detailed designs
  • Compliance assessment of all parts of the detailed designs in accordance with Article 142 of the Spatial Planning Act /SPA/ and approval of the coordinated detailed designs.
  • Management and coordination of the construction process and construction supervision in accordance with article 166 and others of the SPA during construction of the metro section.
  • Control, accountability and acceptance of construction works in accordance with the coordinated detailed designs accompanied by relevant acts and protocols.
  • Coordination of work on commissioning testing and commissioning of metro section.
  • Ensuring the issuance of all documents in compliance with Bulgarian legislation during the design, construction and commissioning and consignment of the site with State Acceptance Commission under the SPA.
  • Monitoring and control on the implementation of the Communication Plan prepared by the Contractor.