Developing a Natural gas trade-monitoring system (2005)

Infraproject Consult Ltd. developed a natural gas trade-monitoring system and software for the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) to ensure system access only to persons authorized by the Commission. The development is made in strict compliance with the rules for natural gas trade. The project covers the following stages:

Stage І: Analysis of price formation system and access tariffs. Activities include:

  • Analyse the existing pricing system and tariffs for connection to the gas transmission and distribution networks and the price for natural gas storage, also analysing the existing regulations and practices;
  • Prepare a review of the pricing principles in the country and those applied in the countries of the European Union;
  • Review the requirements under European directives and in particular Directive 2003/55/EU on common rules for the internal natural gas market;
  • Make proposals for amendments to the existing system in the context of the general proposals related to the rules on natural gas trade and adaptation of European legislation.

Stage ІІ: Specific propositions for adaptation of Bulgarian legislation towards EU with the purpose of opening Bulgarian natural gas market

At this stage, the Consultant performs an analysis of the current legislation in the aspect of liberalization of the natural gas market, and based on this, prepares summaries and conclusions regarding the state of the legislation and proposals to amend the current laws and regulations governing natural gas trade and in particular the Rules for natural gas trade.

Stage ІІІ: Development of natural gas trade monitoring system and software

The team developes a system for monitoring of natural gas transactions for the needs of SEWRC with the development of a software, and the work includes:

  • General design of the system defining the scope, the necessary database and the structure, taking into account the powers and obligations of the SEWRC.
  • Elaboration of a Terms of Reference for the preparation of a software product.