Feasibility study for the development of Interconnector Turkey – Bulgaria (ITB) (2015-2016)

Interconnector Turkey – Bulgaria (ITB) is a project for the development of interconnectivity of the gas networks of Bulgartransgaz EAD (Bulgaria) and Botas (Turkey) which would enable the diversification of natural gas sources and increase the security of supply in the region.

ITB represents new onshore gas pipeline with length of about 76 km on Bulgarian territory and a capacity about 3 bcm/y at operating pressure 64 bar.

The project, as part of the priority Southern Gas Corridor is crucial in terms of security and diversification of the sources and routes of natural gas supply to/through Bulgaria and the region.

The company participates as a partner of Chimcomplect Engineering Company in the development of feasibility study for Gas Interconnector Turkey – Bulgaria, developing the following parts:

  • Establishing market needs, including: investigation and analysis of the prospects for development of gas markets in Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, research and analysis of the level and trends in the consumption of natural gas by countries including the main fields of use;
  • Financial and economic feasibility (by presenting a comparison of the developed options for layout and flow diagram), including: assessment of the sources of financing of the project and preparation of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in accordance with the Methodology for preparation of CBA prepared by the European network of transmission system operators for gas (ENTSOG), evaluation of projects of common interest and preparation of model forms by ENTSOG for financial, economic and quantitative analysis;
  • Legal and regulatory studies – recommendations on the implementation of the project of common interest in the context of European legislation in the field of energy, taking into account the fact that part of the project of common interest is carried out on the territory of a country which is not an EU Member State. Study of the relevant European and national laws and regulations in force in Bulgaria and Turkey concerning the design and construction of gas networks and features in the realization of cross-border projects, including legal and regulatory aspect.