Action plan for increasing the household natural gas consumption for heating purposes on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria (2004-2005)

The project is managed by the Ministry of Environment and Water. It is a study on the development of an Action Plan to increase the natural gas consumption for domestic heating in the country by applying appropriate economic instruments in connection with the achievement of the established norms for the content of particulate matter (PM10) in the ambient air.

As a partner of Eurolex Bulgaria Ltd, Infraproject Consult Ltd prepared a description of the current terms and conditions for household gas supply through the entire chain (transmission, distribution, supply and consumption) in order to assess the possibilities of economic incentives at each stage. The study objective is increase consumption of natural gas for household purposes. Activities include:

  • Historical overview of the development of gas sector and regulatory regimes;
  • Analysis of the existing regulations in order to provide economically sound proposals for legislation amendments;
  • Provision on aspects of the Action Plan procedure – measures, financial sources, responsible institutions, motives.